Danube-Networkers from Ulm, Germany, are telling about their Danube Sparrow action

Danube-Networkers Ulm are the local working group, they were baking at November 5th 2019 for the members of the German-Bulgarian association MOST e.V. who organized with the Danube-Networkers a Bulgarian evening. Read more about it.

Who was the baking group?

The baking group were the Danube-Networkers and friends from Ulm, as well as participants taking part of a Bulgarian evening.

Where did the baking action take place?

In the kitchen of the family education center (FBS) Ulm.

How many sparrows were baked?

About 20 sparrows.

Can you tell us about the baking action?

To do the Danube sparrow baking action at this “Bulgarian evening” was more or less a spontanious idea, everybody who was there and who wanted to help just did it. Bertram did the dough at home some hours ago. The consistance of the recipe was perfect to form the sparrows. Everybody had fun by finding out the best method to do the small sparrows.

For whom did you bake? 

For the members of the German-Bulgarian association MOST e.V.

Why did you select this recipient group? What are the reasons?

They organized a Bulgarian evening, to show some of their traditonal recipes, to tell us more about the Bulgarian life and cities they come from.

The sparrows were meant as a small thank you for a interesting evening and a sign of friendship and unity. We look forward learn more about the Bulgarian culture in the future and to work more closely with the association MOST together.

What emotions did baking and sharing trigger in you and the recipients?

Everyone had fun, the sparrows’ bakers as well as the recipients. The atmosphere was happy and people got easily in touch with each other.