Easter traditions


Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus and it is the most important Christian festival.
In the following you will find more about Easter traditions in different countries.


On April 12, 2020 we held an Easter special “Come together – Easter special” via video conference. Easter songs, poems, traditions and symbolism were presented. Click here to get to the “Come together” sessions. 

The Danube-Networkers invite: Come together! Connecting people in times of Corona by culture

Videolink on youtube

Programme of the Easter special


In the following you can view various texts and contents from our “Come together – Easter Special”:

Orthodox Easter Traditions in Romania presented by Ana Zlibut in English

Easter traditions in Romania by Ana Zlibut in English

When do we celebrate Easter and why is Easter celebrated at different times in different countries? – presented by Otilia Pasnicu – in English, German and Romanian

Poem “Easter”, from Ferdinand von Saar, presented by Julia Heinrich (Germany) – Gedicht in German / Translations of the poem in English and Romanian

German Christian Easter-Song “Wir wollen alle fröhlich sein”, Text from Cyriakus Spangenberg, (1568) Melodie: presented by by Ernst and Gabriela Burmann (Germany) – lyrics in German / Translations in English and Romanian

Easter symbolism in Germany presented by Carmen Rouhiainen – text in English text / Ostersymbolik in Deutschland – Text in Deutsch



Different Easter traditions from the Danube countries (submitted in 2019):

Easter traditons in Romania

by Timisoara Writer’s League

Easter traditions in Romania__English

Obiceiuri de Paști în România_Romanian


Easter traditions in Slovenia

Easter customs in Slovenia_English language


Easter traditons in Romania

Faith, tadition, customs, legends

Easter traditions in Romania_English language

Easter traditions in Romania_Romanian language


Easter traditons in Serbia

Pictures from Biljana Pejovic, from Backa Planaka, Serbia


Ostertraditionen in Serbien_Deutsch

Easter customs in Serbia_English

Easter customs in Serbia_Serbian


Serbisches Osterlied_Deutsch

Serbian Easter song_English

Vaskr_nja jaja_Serbian


Easter traditions in Poland

Polnische Osterbräuche_deutsch

Polish Easter customs_Englis