Baking together, village Neštin, municipality of Backa Palanka, Serbia

With the support of association „Moj Neštin“ (My Nestin) it was organised a public event „Baking together“.  The event was held in the jard of ethno house „Sremska kuca“ („The house of Srem“ also known as „House of Savic family“) in the village Nestin (Neštin), municipality Backa Palanka, near Danube. The hosts were Zoran Ramljak, Andrijana Ramljak and Stojanka Krnač.

Ms Stojanka Krnač and members of her family prepared bread with the support of children from local community. The bread was baked it in the hundred-year old oven. The owner of the house and oven is Provincial Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of Vojvodina. It is museum on open space. The oven is a hundred years old and it is still in function. People from the village use it very oft and they bake together, especially during holidays and local ceremonies.

It was very nice event, on which people made and share 200 breads! This was great sign of friendship.