Danube-Networkers Christmas Tree 2017

Welcome to our Christmas Tree 2017!

Here you can find many information about Christmas Traditions in the Danube Countries, Videos with greetings and delicious receipts: http://bread-connects.tastes-of-danube.eu/christmas/

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It is usually a fir or a spruce and has been set up for Christmas in our homes and houses for centuries. The Christmas tree is usually lavishly decorated with candles, fairy lights, Christmas tree balls, handicraft works etc. In many houses, sweets are hung up for the kids which they may eat. Originally a pagan custom in order to hold off evil spirits, nowadays it is a Christian tradition.

Most families set up and decorate the Christmas tree in the afternoon of Christmas eve. When we were children, we were only allowed to enter the Christmas room on Christmas eve when Christmas presents were given out.