Call for Photos in the frame of the Bread-Baking-Week

Photo Publication: “Bread connects – give a sign of friendship along the Danube”

During our bread baking week from 7th – 16th October, we kindly invite everyone to share with us their photos regarding the topic “Bread connects – give a sign of friendship along the Danube”.

We look forward to numerous and interesting photos!

The topics are:

Bread, Baking, Community, Sharing in relation to daily life (e.g. bread in the family, preparing, baking, eating, etc.) or in relation to living cultural and religious customs.

The photo publication:

  1. Everybody is warmly invited to participate, accepting the rules.
  2. Only private made pictures will be accepted, the participant attest automatically by sending the photo(s) that the persons on the pictures gave their permission to publish the photo.
  3. Each photo must be the original and unpublished work of the participant
  4. The photos should be between 1-4MB in size
  5. Please send maximum 4 photos.

The following rules apply:

  1. Please make a picture of your activity/event in the frame of the Danube-Bread-Baking-Week with the flyer on the photo
  2. It is necessary that you are the copyright owner of the sent photos and that you attested by the joint letter that ILEU e.V. is allowed by this declaration to use the photos for free in the frame of the project in the media, publishing them via Internet or in printed media.
  3. If you send photos from other persons the copyright*s owner has to sign that he/she agrees.
  4. Save every photo with: Country-City-Author-Title of the photo!!! (e.g. Germany-Ulm-Carmen Stadelhofer-Bread)
    Wrong titled photos will not be published!!!

Closing Date:

Please send us your photo(s) plus your copyright form latest 31st of October 2017 to:

If there are any questions or issues about the publication, the form or if there are any other questions, please don´t hesitate to ask, we will be pleased to help you.

We are looking forward to great and interesting photos regarding our topic “Bread connects – give a sign of friendship along the Danube”!

Carmen Stadelhofer, Project coordinatior
Institute for virtual and real learning in the area
of adult education at the University of Ulm (ILEU) e.V.
Schweinmarkt 6
89073 Ulm, Germany
Tel: +49 731 379951-66

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