Qualification Seminar Sofia

The date for our qualification training “Baking as a social event” in Sofia is now fixed.

Mo/Tue 9th/ 10th October 2017

Arrival in Sofia Sun 8thOctober/ departure from Sofia 11th October

The event is part of the international project “Danube connects” (Working package 2). Through this 2-day qualification training, 16 representatives of selected institutions from preferably 8 different Danube countries shall be introduced both theoretical and practical into the method of “Baking as a social event” which was developed by Dr. Nadezhda Grigorova, Bread House Sofia. Simultaneously, activating methods of adult education and intergenerational learning which strengthen the European dimension of this project shall be imparted. The qualification training takes place in Sofia on the 9th and 10th October 2017. The seminar and all other activities referring to it will be documented on the project’s own website. The working language is English.

Requirements for free-of-charge participation in this qualification seminar are the willingness to test this method several times (min 3 x) with different target groups in one’s own country, to exchange experiences  with the other participants and to impart the method and the reflected experiences to potential multipliers on a 1-day multipliers event in one’s own region in spring 2018.
Another aim of the working package is to present the experiences with the method during the Danube-Networkers Conference in Ulm on 13th July and thus to contribute to the dissemination of the method “Baking as a social event”.